My name is Sharon and I do voice over work.

Sharon Dominey voiceover artist

Originally from Kent, I am now based in Yorkshire (via Australia for a couple of years – and in answer to your question, it’s a very long way from family and friends and I missed proper beer).

I used to be an accountant, specialising in Internal Audit and Risk Management for the world of banking and finance.

So I suppose the main question that people ask me is:

“Sharon, why would you give up the heady whirl of a career in banking & finance to become a voice over?”

Certainly not for financial gain, that’s for sure!

A few years ago I rediscovered my love of singing and so joined a choir. Coupled with delivering a lot of presentations at work, this made me conscious of my voice and how to take care of it. Over time I developed a fascination for the voice, and I have received coaching by some of the top people in the country to help me gain a greater understanding of it.

This has all helped me to appreciate the muscles that are involved, the importance of posture and warming up, even how what you eat and drink affects the voice.

During this time I became aware of voice over work, and was asked to do my first project, an explainer piece promoting the NHS on-line prescriptions service. From there I fell in love with the world of voiceover, said goodbye to the banking world, and promptly signed up with Gravy for the Brain, the world’s largest online voiceover education provider. They have helped me with my career change and have provided me with plenty of training and support as a voice over.

So why choose me as opposed to the other wonderful voice overs out there? 

Well, my corporate background means that I understand the business world and provide a professional service; meeting deadlines, working in a friendly and approachable manner, and communicating well with people at all levels. I take direction well and will keep going until we have the best take.

I have my own recording equipment so can easily record and provide basic editing.  Also, my inner risk manager is still active and as a result I build strong contingencies into my work to ensure that I meet your deadline, whatever life throws at us.